2 comments on “The Naked Artist’s Soul – Spiritual Nudity in Art – Part 2 – Biblical Nudity: Bathsheba’s Bath (Jean-Leon Gerome)

  1. First of all, we have to avoid reading-into or painting-into this scene any more that we are told in the Bible. Bathsheba is never portrayed as a “seductress” anywhere in the Bible. God, through Nathan the prophet, portrayed Bathsheba as the “beloved, stolen lamb”, and places the blame solely on David’s shoulders. David was the “greedy rich-man” who, rather than using one of his own “lambs”, stole the poor-man’s “lamb” instead. Portraying Bathsheba as a “seductress” plays into the hands of the “clothing=modesty” dogma which is rampant in many churches today, and is a very common “argument” against any form of non-spousal nudity.



  2. I grew up in that kind of “spousal-nudity-only” environment, and it caused me some challenges with health-care, because I couldn’t always control who got to see me undressed.



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