One comment on “Rabyd Opinion – Carson Backs Who? (Week of Opinion – Part 4)

  1. First of all, these candidates were created and loved by the same God many of us worship, and are due our respect and kindness for that reason. That being said, this is a political tactic to point attention to Carson instead of Trump. You see, Trump, rude and aggressive and power-mongering as he appears, is a brilliant business man. He needs Carson for several reasons. First, Trump wants to counter claims that he is a racist and get more votes. Second, he needs a runningmate who has more public appeal so he can beat Clinton, whom he loathes. Thirdly, he wants a runningmate he can overshadow, Rubio, Cruz and Bush pose too much threat…. The offer was already made, apparently Carson believes he can do better in Trump’s court and is adamantly opposed to a democratic administration. The perks must be pretty good….IMO.

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