3 comments on “Rabyd Opinion – Blind Allegiance (or Why I will Probably Vote for Gary Johnson but Dislike It)

  1. I sympathize with your internal conflict, Pastor R. Mathematically speaking, when you vote for any candidate aside from the two major party nominees, it’s a vote subtracted from whichever candidate is closer to the one you support. You want to choose based on what your values are, but you can’t always get that AND have a statistical chance to prevail in the contest. Plenty of Florida voters were following their conscience in voting for Ralph Nader in 2000, but their votes still had the effect of guaranteeing the state (and in this case the election) for George W. Bush, because Nader voters were closer to the Democrats. A Nader vote was therefore in practice a vote taken away from Gore. This year, if you vote Gary Johnson, it will be a vote taken from the GOP nominee, to the benefit of the Democrat. I don’t enjoy these moral dilemmas either.

  2. Think the Essenes and the various other Jewish groups of the time. Who do you join? – I don’t think voting came into the equation in those days . . .

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