2 comments on “The Rabyd Spirit – The Masculine Spirit

  1. The only good reason for different gender restrooms is at large events men can use them with out waiting in a long line. I work in a male dominated business and at time all 6 stalls in the men’s room are in use, needing to go bad sometimes I bet the female restroom has one stall in use, heck we are behind doors, and yes hers does stink.

  2. I fully-agree! I was born MALE, and I have been MALE for over 60 years. I am NOT “ashamed” of having MALE genitals. The ONLY non-bifurcated garment I have ever worn is a KILT, which is distinctively Scottish MASCULINE. I love women, but I certainly have no interest in being one. The ONLY “privilege” I have ever had as a MAN is to support and protect my wife and family. I served honorably in the US Army to defend and protect even misguided-assholes. I have no interest in having sex with another man, because only WOMEN are properly-equipped to suit me and my anatomy. Men are often maligned even in the nudist/naturist community, particularly if we are single. I AM A MAN!!!



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