One comment on “Ignorance is Not Always Bliss (A Challenge to My Faith)

  1. Ignorance is NOT bliss, particularly when it is arrogant-ignorance. Yes, I have read those comments too, particularly that latest one you responded to (you know which one I am talking about), and it was abundantly-obvious that he HASN’T read your whole series on that topic.

    Those kind of responses are typical of fundamentalist-Christians, particularly those who have their Bible “six-guns” loaded with verses taken out of context which they are ready to “shoot” at any unsuspecting person who gets in their way. I have been approached this way a couple of times recently by people who told me that what I am doing is “wrong”, so my ministry CAN’T be of God, because I can’t be a “Christian and a nudist”. The last one told me that I need to “repent and get right with God” after I told him that I am missionary to nudists. They are also usually “KJV-ONLY” fanatics, and may even have “proof-texts” to back up their claims.

    Keep up the good work Brother!!!

    Blessings and cheers!


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