Marriage and The Bible

This series took me quite a while to finish it, but in the end I had to change my views on what marriage is exactly.

2 comments on “Marriage and The Bible

  1. So in the end you were pressured into keeping quiet about the fact that marriage isn’t a Biblical act. And that we are not instructed by Yahweh to get married. In fact marriage was invented by humans for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with Yahweh.

    • I would have probably taken that line of thinking except for Hebrews 13:4 which states Marriage is an honorable thing. It is then not to be looked down upon. Marriage as far as a contract is probably an invention of man but I don’t think it is a bad one nor would God see it that way. Many of the reasons it was created by humans are good ones and not necessarily bad. The writer of Hebrews thought it was honorable.

      I simply am trying to get to the root of what marriage is from a Biblical point of view. God created husbands and wives, because of sin humans had to create marriage contracts and customs to regulate this so people would be protected from themselves. God however does not seem to object but points to a better way of being in covenant with a spouse.

      I have actually received criticism for this series but not the way you suggest. One pastor friend of mine actually criticized me for not being strong enough on the necessity of marriage. He said by my view someone could be in a covenant without a contract. I responded that he was right and that everything he thought about marriage was more cultural than Biblical assessment. I received no pressure the other way that I was being too strong.

      On a personal note, most of the time I work on my own and receive no pressure whatsoever about what I believe. I very much want to be fair to everyone and offer up my honest Biblical assessment. In the case of people who live together but choose not to have marriage contracts, I really do not get bent out of shape but I also don’t see that marriage is ever condemned by the Bible. If anything it is approved of by the Bible

      You are right, there is no commandment to get married from God himself, but I think you need to also consider that marriage is not condemned by God either and he spends part of his word (The Law of Moses in particular) regulating and giving guidelines for the practice. God’s Word also calls it honorable.

      Thanks for the comment

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