The Book of Rabyd

Chapter 1 – Life Principles

1:1 – “There is a God”

1:2 – “You are NOT God”

1:3 – “People Have the Right to Life”

1:4 – “People Have the Right to Liberty

1:5 – “People Have the Right to Pursue Happiness

1:6 – “People Do Not Have The Right to Take Away The Rights of Others

1:7 – The Only Proper Use of Aggression is to Protect One’s Rights or the Rights of Others

Chapter 2 – Points of Wisdom

2:1 – “People Are Stupid”

2:2 – “The Best intentions Can Cause the Greatest Harm”

2:3 – “Passion Rules Reason”

2:4 – “There is Real Power in Forgiveness”

2:5 – “Mind what people do, not only what they say.”

2:6 – “Life is the Future, Not the Past”

2:7 – “Deserve Victory”

2:8 – “There are only two things that motivate obedience – fear and respect.”


2:10 – “No One’s Happiness But My Own is in My Power to Achieve or Destroy”

Chapter 3 – Sayings

3:1 – “You Need to Use Your Head for Something Besides a Hat Rack”

3:2 – “Everyone is a Sinner, But Most People Are Not Evil”

3:3 – Blessings and Cheers!!!

3:4 – “There is Never Time to Do It Right, but There is Always Time to Do It Over.”

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