‘Theology Pub’ Posts

I originally started writing the theology pub posts as an effort to take a break from the ‘serious business’ of theology.  The posts began to be liked and loved not only by me but others and the characters have taken a life on of their own.  As an explanation of what happens in my head during the creative process of writing a post from a humorous point of view, the pub posts form a story of my alter ego who is a bartender running a theology pub and who brews his own brand.  The posts are allegorical in nature an each character represents some part of my own psyche and mental voices that debate in my head till I get it right or at least firmly crooked.

The creative process is not that flashy or glamorous when it comes to these posts.  Basically I see a vision or image  in my head of an event in the pub and then I write about it.  I try to bring in who is visiting the pub (this blog), some of my characters from my head and my sarcastic sense of irony.  Mix them together and add alcohol and wham — theology pub post.  Honestly I tend to start one not knowing where it will go in the end.  Writing one is an adventure all its own.

They are organized (as much as they can be anyway) first by year and then in two month increments.  Hover over this heading go to the year and then the two month time frame you want and then click to get all the posts form that time period.  They are in order based on the time they were written.  Most are short stories but there are overall themes that run through the series so it is very much worthwhile to read them all in order.

Blessings and Cheers!

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