Theology Pub – September/October 2013

As the Theology Pub posts continued I felt the need to keep adding characters so that if any situation in my thought life required something different I could do it .  I also discovered the need to change the setting without moving so the introduction of magic to the pub in which happened through a character became more pub wide in this time period.

I also started to break away a little from always using the vintage pin ups to adding a few carefully selected contemporary pin ups.  By far, this is the most prolific time for the theology pub posts because I am trying to reach a goal of number of posts for the year.  Things will probably slow down by new year but that doesn’t mean the posts still wont be a little racy.

Theology Pub – The Gardener

Theology Pub – A Good Book

Theology Pub – Invasion of Privacy

Theology Pub – Public Showers

Theology Pub – Disturbing Elements

Theology Pub – Chill Wind

Theology Pub – Wedding Prep (Making It Perfect)

Theology Pub – Wedding Prep (The Bride and Groom)

Theology Pub – Wedding Day – Getting to the Pub on Time

Theology Pub – 700th Post – Wedding Day

Theology Pub – Wedding Reception

Theology Pub – Honeymoon Report

Theology Pub – Autumn At Last

Theology Pub – Homecoming

Theology Pub – The Secret Ingredient

Theology Pub – A Discussion on Magic

Theology Pub – Magical Weirdness

Theology Pub – A Conversation With A Dryad

Theology Pub – Brewing Up for Halloween

Theology Pub – 800th Post Halloween Party

Theology Pub – Trick or Treat

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