Theology Pub – FAQs

Why do you use Pin Ups?

Originally I did not use Pin Ups for the Theology Pub Posts.  I actually used pub signs from the front of actual pubs.  The problem was I often found it difficult to find a pub sign that matched what I wanted to write about unless the sign itself inspired the post.  I then used other signs, old political cartoons, etc. to illustrate my points or set off the opening image for the tone of the post.  On July 6th with Theology Pub – 500th Post Beach Party I went to pin ups and have stayed with them.  In large part there are so many pin ups out there both of vintage and contemporary nature so I don’t think I will run out anytime soon and secondly, pin ups tell a story all their own that, because they are art themselves, I can draw a story out of as easily as I can match them to a story.

Some of my Christian friends worry about this use of pin ups but when you consider it, it is the kind of flirty,  low-level sexuality that allows me to deal with issues like temptation and the interrelations between men and women in a more realistic manner.  The pin ups also represent a kind of permanent statement about my views of nudity and sexuality being separate.  I know that sounds weird but a pin-up , particularly classic pin ups, very rarely portray women as completely naked.  Mostly they are portrayed in that oops moment where for some reason either on purpose or accidental she has to pull up her skirt or adjust her blouse or falls down or forgot to close the shades where a man might see something that based on the older culture that was taboo to see but everyone afterwards is just going to remember and enjoy the moment but say nothing about it to anyone.  There actually is a lot of this kind of thing in the pub, so it fits nicely. It also however illustrates that a woman can be very modestly dressed and a man can still be tempted by and lust after her.  Not her fault, just the nature of the beast known as men and sometimes a situation may cause even the most modestly dressed of women to communicate something she did not intend to communicate.

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