Theology Pub – Main Characters

I debate, like many authors, as to what constitutes a Main Character.  In the Pub Posts a main character is one that represents a main philosophy, idea or way of life but not always.  Sometimes it is just that they are around all the time and influence the nature of the pub.   Also, I would in some cases, main characters have been added later  and were not also necessarily there from the beginning.  Some have become main characters after being minor for a little bit.  Here are what I perceive the main characters.  They are listed in the order they appeared in the Pub posts and include a brief bio of who they are, their history in the pub and what they represent.  This is a work in progress as I read through the pub posts again.

The following list of main characters has been in the pub since the beginning:

Pint – Pint is a miniature beagle who was also the runt of the litter.  His favorite spot in the pub is his bed beside the bar.  He is also very much a beer drinker.  I am also fairly sure that he lives in part to get women to pet him and tell him how cute he is.  He ultimately represents true complete freedom in a libertarian context.  Pint does what he wants and because he is a dog gets away with it.  He is also very brave and fights for what he loves.

Sherry – Sherry is my creative muse and creative force.  She is married to Mr. Vodka but that was not always the case in the history of the pub.  She likes freedom to be creative and represents the force of creativity.  She can go overboard with this and so sometimes needs someone to reign in her creativity to make it practical.

Scotch – Scotch is a kilt wearing Scottish Highlander from the days of the Highland Regiments.  He represents the power of passion when coupled with wisdom.  He is a passionate defender of freedom.  He also plays a mean bagpipe and likes Metallica.  His girlfriend is Margareta.

Professor Bourbon – Local professor that frequents the pub.  He is most often found engaged in debate trying to disprove others points.  He is something of a bore but he is also representative of raw pure intellect with unrestrained thought.  He is my mad but benevolent scientist at times as well.  His girlfriend is Pina Colada.

Mr. Vodka – Guy looks and acts like J. Jonah Jamison from Spider-Man.  He represents my internal editor, you know the guy who looks at something creative and tries to fix it or make it better. He can be a jerk at times but he has softened a bit since marrying Sherry.

Miss Wine – Miss Wine is the female half of my spirit of adventure and as such she refuses to be controlled in any way shape or form.  In particular she tends to be adventuresome in the areas of the physical, emotions and social issues.  She is a full-fledged fiery haired nudist and so often appears in the pub naked but also has a fondness for appearing as a 1920s flapper.  When it comes to taking risks in the areas of love, sex and relationships, she is your girl but she is also a fierce friend.

Captain Rum – Dresses like a 15th century pirate and is the male half of my spirit of adventure. He is a pretty dynamic character as he has not always been that adventuresome for a spirit of adventure.  He has undergone a transformation of sorts and become the pirate he was born to be.  His sister is Miss Wine of whom he is very protective but acknowledges he can’t control her.  He is the guy who embraces new thoughts, loves to pursue a question and looks for the next adventure in life.

Colonel Gin – Gin is British and is a retire colonel from her majesty’s Colonel regulars.  He seems to always be in his khaki uniform but will don his red coat for special occasions.  He very much in love with Brandy but his lecherous nature does lead him to be the proper gentlemen with that desire to look up ladies skirts.  He represents discipline in life in the areas of mind and spirit.

Brandy – Female physique class competitor and personal trainer.  She very rarely speaks but her force can usually be felt as she is about discipline of body and emotions.  She often wears a competition bikini to make her free to practice posing and she loves Gin very deeply and tolerates his lecherous nature.  Mostly because she is the one who takes him home at night.

Other main characters appeared later and they are:

Tequila – Tequila made her debut in Pint’s Good Day.  She is one of my three barmaids although when she was introduced she was the only one.  She wears what is basically an English barmaid’s outfit and prefers the color red.  She is of Spanish decent with black hair and dark eyes.  She is one of identical triplets and her two sisters are Margareta and Pina Colada who also serve as barmaids with her.  Although identical the triplets have some minor but notable physical differences and differing tattoos.  Tequila is noted for her near perfect hour-glass figure compared to her sisters.  She also has a tattoo of a red rose which she has told people about but no one has ever seen because it is located in her most intimate place.  She is the personification of balance and practical wisdom and, while not romantically involved with anyone, she is very close to the bartender and is probably more than just an employee but his best friend as well.

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