The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and belong to me.  They do not necessarily reflect the opinion and thoughts of any organization I work for or have worked for in the past.  They should, but that is not necessarily the case.

If you want to comment remember the following:

1) Remember this is My Blog.  It is not yours and it represents my opinion and thoughts and not yours. I do want comments but if your going to write a theological dissertation every time, you probably need to start your own blog.  I will gladly be your first follower and engage what you believe.  This blog does not represent any other opinion but mine.  It is not a forum nor is it a soap box for any opinion but mine.

2) You don’t have to like my opinion but you will respect it.  Part of respecting a person is to respect their opinion.  You do not have to like it, share it or hold it to comment but you do have to be respectful. Name calling not only does not prove anything, it show disrespect to the person.  Yes, I know Jesus did call people names but he backed that up with facts which leads to rule #3.

3) Don’t just call me wrong and not try to prove it.  Calling what I write – nonsense or religious mumbo jumbo without proving it is just as bad as name calling.  Prove your point, don’t just assume it is true and I should just bow down to it.   Just because you say I am wrong does not make it so.  Just because you say what you believe is true does not make it so.  You may have proven it to yourself and someone else but you have not proven it to me. Yes, you have to prove it to me because of rule number 1.  If you’re not going to try to do this or don’t think you have the time, don’t bother to comment in the first place.

4) Exercise and open mind and humility when you read my posts.  I attempt to write them with this attitude so read them that way.  No one knows enough or has been alive long enough to have a market on all the truth particularly when it comes to a subject like GOD.  It includes you and me.  You and I are not the centers of the universe.  Get over yourself and learn to ask questions before you start spouting off.  Along with this don’t get mad because I don’t respond right away.  I have a life and other things I do and sometimes I just think your comment stands fine by itself.

5) Please read the post before you comment – I  know I should have to say this but I do because some of the comments I have received over the years show that people do not read posts before they comment sometimes.  Also, if you see, ‘part 5′ or ‘Part 6′ in a title that means there were parts before it so what you might have an objection to might have already been discussed.  Also, some series are not finished works, they are works in progress so patience is recommended – you can’t rush brewing theology.

6) Check the date.  This blog represents a large time span and includes old posts from old blogs. Some of the stuff on this blog is many years old.  My viewpoints have probably changed in some way because I believe theology is an organic process that changes and grows with time and effort.  I change my views, define and redefine them from time to time.  If your reading something from three years ago, you might want to ask if I have changed my view before you start blasting away with your truth gun.

7) Read broadly if you can.  Listen, there is no way any author can truly cover a topic in a single post.  Before you tramp on anyone’s opinion you might want to a) find something out about them, b) find something out about their methods and c) read some other stuff on the same topic to see if there is some other thing that forms their beliefs.  In my case I have an About Me, under Biblical Theology my method is outlined and this blog has 1000 plus posts of my work.  You want to know me better so you know where I am coming from? Read this stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.  Blessings and Cheers!

3 comments on “Disclaimer

  1. To have been blogging as long as you have I’m sure you’ve seen it all – like the really nasty (probably ignorant) people spewing their hate anywhere they can. Personally, I am not religious. But I enjoy and appreciate others point of view, especially if their writing is good! Different beliefs and viewpoints can make for really great conversation, and I look forward to engaging with you (respectfully of course)!

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