Theology Pub – July / August 2013

At the beginning of July I started using vintage pin up girls to set off the theology pub posts.  I felt is was different enough from my normal posts so people would notice it but also I began through this period to also be inspired by the pin ups so the message of the artist often mirrored my own in some ways.  Besides – Sex Sells.  Even for theology.

Theology Pub – 500th Post Beach Party

Theology Pub – The Dog Catcher

Theology Pub – A Little Magic from a Woman in Red

Theology Pub – Working Out with Brandy

Theology Pub – Explosive Brew

Theology Pub – Road Trip Home

Theology Pub – X Marks the Spot

Theology Pub – Putting Out Fires

Theology Pub – Hike!

Theology Pub – The ‘Lost’ Art of Flirting

Theology Pub – 600th Post BBQ

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