Theology Pub – Understanding the Allegory

The problem with allegory is that sometimes people don’t understand the symbolism.  I have no desire to explain all the symbolism of the Theology Pub but they some common allegorical themes that repeat over and over and so by understanding them a reader might be able to understand the others.  So in the order that they appear and are sometimes explained:

Theology Equals Alcohol – One of the things you can pick up on really quickly is that in the world of the Theology Pub, theology has the same effects as alcohol.  I am actually not sure how allegorical this is or it is truly a reflection of reality.  The best post that explains this concept is Post 375 – Theology Pub – Vodka and Sherry Don’t Always Mix.  but throughout the pub this is true.  In more recent posts because of the influence of magic, theology can take different forms in the glass to reflect its nature or the time of year as well.  During Halloween for instance, the drink took on green bubbly forms like a mad scientist’s experiment.

Nudity/Nakedness – When any character is naked in the pub it expresses all the possibilities of nudity both positive and a negative so you have to look at the context of the story to find out which.  Mostly it is positive and an expression of vulnerability and openness but it can also at times be used negatively.  When a certain character is a nudist or naturist it mean s that particular aspect of my understanding is always attempting to be open, vulnerable and honest. Sometimes a particular character may cross over from being a non-nudist to a nudist and that is simply that part of my understanding having an epiphany about being more honest and open.  The main thing to remember is to consider the context.

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