Open Theism

This page is dedicated to all my series of posts on Open Theism.  I have been an open theist most of my life in some form or another (not completely but engaging the ideas often) but never knew it had a name until seven years ago when I discovered Greg Boyd’s book God of the Possible.   There are several parts to this page: The ABC’s of Open Theism – a basic look into the open view.  The Open God Through the Scriptures – which is my ongoing examination of the Scriptures in chronological order engaging those Scriptures as an Open Theist.  Re-Thinking God – A chronicle of how my views about God in a lot of matters have changed because of my open theist beliefs.   If you want to know how important this is to me you should read: How Open Theism Saved My Faith.

I have written some other posts on open theism but they are not necessarily here but you can look them up by looking at the category: Open Theism or typing ‘open theism’ in my blog search engine.

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