5 comments on “The Bible and Nakedness – Part 7 – Womens Breasts and the Old Testament Poets

  1. I support top-free equality, not because I particularly want to see more women’s breasts, but because seeing more women’s breasts, unfettered by bras and other clothing, is going to help de-sexualize them. There is a certain mystique about breasts, which gets removed when a person sees them for what they are. Of the hundred of pairs of breasts that I have seen as a nudist, very, very few are as “pretty” bare as they are supported and shaped. Bras support and shape sagging breasts, which most women’s do as they get older, and tops cover up things like mastectomy scars, which I have seen plenty of also. I have known a couple of women who didn’t have much more than I do, but, as far as i know, one of them nursed all eleven of her children. She went from a sub-A cup when she wasn’t nursing to a solid B cup when she was.

    I also support top-freedom because I want nursing mothers to be able to nurse their babies whenever and wherever they need to do so, if they feel that the environment is safe and appropriate, and that includes in church. Why has our society condemned nursing mothers to having to hide out while they feed their baby?

    BTW, I am sure that the groom in SOS had plenty of opportunities to see his bride’s breasts, because they weren’t breast-obsessed like we are today.

    God bless!


    • I think more likely is men of power had the right to inspect the goods so to speak before marriage. It also was less likely that people were freaked out about a woman showing her breasts as nursing was the only real way to feed a baby.

      Ran into this in particular when I was on a missions trip. The women did not wear bras and the also had a habit of just nursing whenever and wherever and they certainly didn’t cover up. It is our culture really that has the sicker view about women’s breasts if you ask me.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

  2. Also (and I could be wrong so don’t hold it against me) the breasts like towers verse could be saying no one has gotten past them. Or if it is saying no one has touched them it could just be speaking to cultural ideals of modesty at the time. It could also just be saying she was fully through puberty and still she hasn’t had sex with anyone. I don’t want to sound like a pervert but it would be nice if breasts weren’t sinful to see or touch before marriage lol. They have basically the same biological makeup as a man’s chest except they’re more fatty.

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