Theology Pub – Primer

Primer – a small introductory book on a subject

I never really expected the Theology Pub to become what it has become. I wrote the original post of the pub on February 7th  2013 for the celebration of my 300th post and the rest is history.  The Pub posts have evolved over time and the cast of characters has changed but also remained the same.  The nature of pub has also changed and been altered over the years.  This has largely been reflective of the fact that the Pub is largely about what interests and fascinates me and taking that and putting it in an allegorical and symbolic format.

That said there are a lot of new people to my blog and there has become a need for a Primer of sorts for the Theology Pub.  Just something that explains the symbolism and allegory.  Tells people about the characters in the pub and maybe a little of their history.  Some characters only pop up briefly and then they fade but that does not stop them from being mentioned later or having a impact later.  They also may return from time to time .   Newer readers might want to know who they are without having to find the post they appear in.  There has also arisen a need to explain some of the intent of the pub and why I use allegory for some issues.

There will be many sub pages to come under this one.  Hopefully, this will help some of you who are new but also offer clarity to some of the longer term fans.  I want this to be informative but not in-depth to the point of boring the reader.

Blessings and Cheers!

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