Re-Thinking God

This Page is dedicated to a series of open theism related posts I did called Re-Thinking God.  Here I analyze various attributes and characteristics of God with some fresh eyes based on my change from conventional theology to open theism.

Re-Thinking God: Introduction (My Agnostic Testimony)

Re-Thinking God: Is God Immutable?

Re-Thinking God: Is God Immanent or Transcendent?

Re-Thinking God: How Powerful is God Really?

Re-Thinking God: How Much Does God Really Know?

Re-Thinking God: Where is God?

Re-Thinking God: God is Love

Re-Thinking God: God is Holy

Re-Thinking God: God is Just

Re-Thinking God: How God’s Will Relates to Man

Re-Thinking God: Does God Always Get What He Wants?

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