God and Sex

I suppose I should mention that all the series and posts on this page are probably PG-11.   I say eleven because truth be told kids start to think about sex at this age and it is probably better if parents start hitting talking about sex at this time.  You can either talk about it before or your goring to be talking about it after.

In this section are two series Sexuality the Church and America and The Bible and the Sex Industry.  The second is still a work in progress so be patient.  Also I have went back and put a group of various post on this blog that deal with sexual issues.

3 comments on “God and Sex

  1. God created man and woman and the sexual bond between them. God said this was good. Sex is a strong bond in marriage. For 5 years my wife and I did not have sex because of my severe ED. I had surgery and and our sexual relationship has been fully restored. We feel closer again. We still loved each other during those 5 years, and tried to be as intimate as possible. It is great to have all of our life back. We praise God for it.

    • I am glad to hear that because as one friend told me sex is the one thing as a married couple that should distinguish your relationship between all others. You can always have a female BFF but very few of those (one in most Christianity) should graduate to lover.

      Blessings and Cheers!

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