13 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 4 – Naked Prayer

    • Thanks for the reblog and your kind words. Usually I don’t have much trouble writing about a subject I have a lot of interest in. I am very interested in exploring this topic so it is easy most of the time.


  2. I spend every waking minute I can in the buff, nude, naked, whatever you call it when the only thing you have on is a smile! 🙂 And, this is the best way to meditate–nude in body and soul. It brings me closer to truth–being open, unafraid of simply being… 🙂 I love to lie on my back in the floor and spread my arms wide, my legs open, and arch my back…breathing slow, deep breaths, clearing my thoughts, channeling…focusing… Yes…I love being me–naked

  3. I became convinced several years ago that God always answers our prayers, and answers them immediately, however, His answers are based on His wisdom and His timing, not ours. We feel that God hasn’t “answered” our prayer unless we get what we want, but God reserves the right to say “No” or “Not yet”. Even Jesus prayed “Not my will, but thine be done”…

    If persistence paid off, mom and I would have been restored to a good relationship with my kids long ago, but it still hasn’t happened in over 17 years. I know mom has kept the “phone-lines” to heaven busy with that request for all this time. Sometimes God doesn’t even give us the answer we want even when many people are praying for the same thing. Otherwise, my wife and I would have been back together a couple of years ago. I haven’t heard from her in many months.

    I have had prayers answered with “Not today, but next week looks good”, and there always turned out to be a good reason for “next week”. God had something for me to do, but I couldn’t do it today. Sometimes He had something else for me to do “today”, AND something for me to do “next week”. God ALWAYS likes it when we say “Thank you!”.

    Speaking of a “prayer-closet” or a chapel: During one of my friend and neighbor’s many hospitalizations last year (I am WAY too familiar with that hospital), I wandered outside to stretch my legs and have a smoke. By divine-appointment, I met a young man who was there with his girlfriend who was due to deliver their baby at any moment. He hadn’t had a good childhood, nor had his parents modeled good-parenting, but he wanted to break that chain. He wanted to be a good husband and father. We talked for quite a while and I told him that he could be a good husband and father with God’s help. He badly needed for someone to reassure him that his goals were within his reach. When he went back up to L&D to watch their baby being born, I went into the hospital chapel. The hospital is owned and operated by Adventist Health, so they have a very nice chapel. It is a place of peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of normal hospital activity. I noticed that they last entry in the Prayer-Request book was from this young man, so in the quiet of that moment, I prayed for him. I added a prayer-request to the book for my friend and prayed for her as well. Sometimes we need those quiet times, times when it is just us and God.

    I saw the young man with his dad the next day, and reassured him that he was on the right course. Then I got to see the rest of his little family. I was blessed, and I hope that I was a blessing to him.

  4. I’m enjoying your writing very much. You prompt my thinking, pondering, much as one blogger and I think of this like “dropping pebbles and watching the ripples” for one another. So this comment is merely that, comment… not critique.

    But God taught me to converse with Him when I was really little, and not allowed to go to church, Sunday School, etc. (I hid a Bible under my mattress, and went ‘into the Gospels’ when my own home life was too chaotic to bear. He would always meet me there.)

    So I grew up thinking of prayer as “spending time with Our Father”. Or with verses like “which of you, if his son asked for bread, would give Him a stone?” or “The Spirit intercedes for us, knowing what we need before we do.”

    I’ve since come to know people, LOTS of people, who look at prayer this way…

    “Prayer should not be something we are completely comfortable with in the sense of who we are coming before to ask a favor. This is God Almighty we are talking about not some two-bit robber baron. The issue is what qualities should the petitioner have when making his petition.”

    it’s just that I’ve never seen Jesus pray that way, or teach us to pray that way, or teach me to pray that way. And… most of those I know who DO… who seem to think the major options are to “cringe in fear” or somehow offend Him as if we dealt with a robber baron… generally didn’t know Him well at all, and found it difficult to fall in love with anyone they dreaded so much.

    I think the clearest place I don’t understand, is this whole “asking favors” concept. Children don’t “ask favors” of their daily bread, or hugs, or love, or help for others they love. I’ve never seen Our Father, or Our Lord, or His Spirit, jot down a note of “favor given, to be collected on later”… like people do.

    In fact, when I saw this word “favor” in that paragraph, my mind went to a particular thought. That regarding prayer, “favor” isn’t “something God grants, request by request”… “favor” describes the relationship as a whole… and that it is the Spirit that moves us to pray in the first place. (It’s certainly not our own righteous impulse apart from Him, and our petitions aren’t our own “good ideas” we think up to suggest to Him.) All Love sources in Him, all good things… so any good prayer, sourced in Him in the first place.

    At least, that’s my own, possibly mistaken and flawed perspective on prayer. I’ve just never gotten this whole “transaction” thing, or “cringy panhandler” thing down. Jesus said God’s Our Father and we should open our hearts, needs, gratitudes, all that we are and have to love Him. Other parts of the Bible say to share my needs openly with Our Father. That whole bread/stone… fish/snake thing.

    But I agree utterly… this is a TRUST relationship of absolute intimacy. “Naked” is a good word. From back when we were innocent and unashamed before Him. So let it be now in prayer!

    Grace and joy to you — LM

    • I do not think this post reflect this idea of being a cringing prayer person but on who is vulnerable before God and understands that vulnerability. Naked before God. The idea however that fear is not part of the process would imply that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” is not a true statement. My words about not being completely comfortable are directed at those who take the relationship for granted, I simply do not think we should be presumptuous in our prayers and we should reflect on what exactly it is that we are doing. I am not talking terror but the same kind of fear that causes us not to step in front of a moving bus – respect of who I am dealing with.

      Thanks for the insightful and well written comment.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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