8 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 14 – Naked Problem #2: Spiritual Nakedness vs. Religion

  1. I’ve been fascinated for a long time with the idea of combining Christian worship and nudity as a way to intimacy and freedom, but like you, I’ve never had the nerve to discuss it with anybody. You touch on some things I’ve really struggled with. I was raised in a conservative Christian home that was very strictly opposed to nudity. I never saw a female nude or had any idea what girls looked like without their clothes on — so when I reached puberty and was ravaged by hormones, I was really plagued with a lot of doubt and insecurity and curiosity. And in a quest to satisfy that curiosity, I got myself addicted to pornography at the age of 12. I’ve been struggling with that for nearly twenty years. My mind is still so confused between the ideas of nudity and intimacy and sex, mistaking one for the other and generally feeling lost. And I know a part of me just likes the idea of a naked Christian fellowship because I’m a porn addict and a “pervert,” but a large part of me has really wondered if something like that could finally bring me to demystify nudity, to put it in its proper place, to respect women’s bodies and not just lust after them; if it could bring me any peace or liberation. I’m still a pretty conservative Christian who would never be able to mention something like this in my church. Thanks for posting this series.

    • I think the issue you bring up is the crux of the matter. Because our backgrounds are very similar I can feel your struggles against pornography because I have had them myself. I can tell you this struggle is actually produced by religion and not Christian faith as defined by the Bible. What makes porn ‘porn’ is still something I must completely define but I would say part of the force of pornography is created by religion and not porn itself. For myself I never really beat pornography on a regular basis until I realized that the naked woman was not the problem, it was me and my perception of the naked woman that was the problem. I too struggle with why naked spirituality would be desirable for me personally but I see the purity of naked spirituality without lust and to me the benefits would be tremendous. Thanks for your comment and I will keep moving forward on this series. I think the next couple posts will deal more fully with what we are talking about here.

  2. As usual you have raised several important points here. The fact that religion as practiced in the West is driven mostly by fear and dogma than spiritual practice is chief among them. The second is the lack of biblical knowledge and understanding of most western Christians who can only access the Bible through the lens of the dogma they have been taught. As a faithful follower of Jesus (Christian ) who has found liberation in clothes free living (nudism) and personal spirituality it is dad to see how this religion perspective with its focus on things that the Bible does not condemn turns so many away from the faith whose only “crime” is living clothes free. No one would accept me in Christian community where I live if they were aware probably couldn’t get work for same reason. But in order to have this perspective they must twist themselves into pretzels theologically to avoid the widespread acceptance of limited or no clothing in everyday live in the scriptures. Modern sensibilities driven by religious dogma takes precedence. It is an unfortunate situation but not one I expect to change anytime soon

    • I think that is why I urge each person to make a very responsible decision about nakedness in the context of spirituality. There must be a weighing of what is the best course of action overall and not just making a knee jerk reaction either way. Unfortunately Christianity in America has ‘leader syndrome’ and there is very little free thinking and spiritual consideration of most issues. Blessings and thanks for the comment.

  3. Hello there. This is my first time replying to one of your series, and may I say, I find the whole subject of nudity in Christianity intriguing. Now first off, I was raised a conservative Christian, a Roman Catholic, to be precise, and while nudity was certainly never encouraged in my home, it also was never expressly forbidden, most likely due to my father not really having an issue with the bare human form. For a while now I have been interested in the idea of nude prayer and nudity in Christianity in general, and I would be lying if I said that the idea first came to me exclusively from a Christian source. Rather, it was a combination of a group of nudist Christians I heard about on a television program and research into Wicca (which was purely academic, as I was looking for inspiration for my stories). I personally was intrigued by the witches’ nude worship, and wondered if this could be incorporated into my Christian faith without exposing myself to the taint of paganism. I know see, with a great deal of help from your series, that nudity before God is indeed not sinful, that it is, in fact, to be seen as a good thing, within the right context, of course.

    Keep up the good work, and God Bless!
    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

    • Thank you. This series and others has been eye opening for everyone as to the subject of nudity from a Biblical point of view is certainly not as cut and dry as most Christians think it is. Blessings and Cheers!

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