4 comments on “My Bodybuilding/Crossfit Life – Allergies, Insomnia, Male-Female Dynamics and The Squat

  1. I appreciate your raising the idea that my fellow Christians are in part responsible for society’s negative image of the body. Was just reading another blog which reminded me of the Gnostics negative view of the body and how that how e inherited much of that along with the Greco Roman dichotomy around body and soul.

    • Yeah, I have been looking at how Christianity has been responsible for a lot of things that are negative and this is one of them. It is probably time we just confessed our sins and do better but unfortunately the wrong kind of fundamentalism is in charge too much. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Wow that is deep. I think our sense of being the chosen ones of God has caused us to lose our sense of humility and the recognition of our flaws. That prevents us from acknowledging our need to seek forgiveness and grace. So we ending treating people the same way with very little if any forgiveness and grace. While that flies in the face of everything Jesus taught it unfortunately seems to be what is driving much of how we Christians express the faith today. That is why what you write is such a breath of fresh air.

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